Business Transformation Office (DAIM-ZBT)


Support OACSIM with the following:

  • LSS/Continuous Process Improvement Program mgmt
  • Governance and Performance Management
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) through Integrated Customer Evaluation (ICE)
  • Army Management Liaison Officer


OACSIM as a world class organization in Business Transformation/LSS/Continuous Process Improvement

Goals and Objectives

LSS Program:

  • Build and foster a cadre of trained LSS SMEs (belts, team leaders, project sponsors and executive leaders)
  • Conduct Annual LSS Deployment Maturity assessment
  • Coordinate annual LSS annual guidance, training and project targets
  • Coordinate quarterly project management guidance
  • Monitor LSS execution and ICE feedback
  • Coach and mentor leaders/belts on LSS projects

VOC: Collection and Analysis (ICE)