Program Integration Division(DAIM-RDI)


To program and defend the necessary resources for Installation services and programs and infrastructure to support Soldiers, Families and Civilians


Provide the best integrated resource posture for Total Army Installation Management to support our Soldiers, Families, and Civilians by:

  • Effectively building requirements and communicating priorities across the Stakeholder community as well as providing timely and verifiable information
  • Following highest standards of accountability, validating requirements IAW mandates and Senior Leader priorities

Conducting program analysis in support of institutionalizing efficiencies and changes to levels of service

Strategic Goals / Objectives

Assess II PEG installation requirements (services and infrastructure) and find efficiencies / additional reductions where applicable

Formulate II PEG POM Strategy

  • Senior Leader Offsite
  • OSD Fall Review

Improve II PEG/RDI staff’s ability to analyze, validate, and defend requirements