Financial Management Division


To monitor and analyze the execution of the Army’s installation resources and related processes, to include Audits, Manager’s Internal Control Program, Lean Six Sigma financial reviews, Support Agreements, and financial reviews for Lean Six Sigma and Stationing Actions, while responsively providing information, seeking efficiencies and ensuring compliance with fiscal law, regulations, Army leadership priorities, policies and funding decisions.


RDF will be the installation management community’s go-to organization for financial management and compliance expertise, able to connect funding requirements and processes to execution to improve leadership decisions, support to Soldiers and Families and the credibility of Army’s installation support requirements and financial reporting.

Strategic Goals / Objectives

Compliance & Execution Team:

Serve as Program Manager for the Resources Review Digital Installation Services & Infrastructure Financial Dashboard

Serve as OACSIM Lean Six Sigma Resource Manager for developing and validating cost estimates for projects

Monitor TRAP/AR2B for installation management financial management issues

Monitor GFEBS execution issues and availability of Point Accounts for Army installation management community programming

Develop and monitors use of Energy Savings Accounts within the Army

Responsible for Audit Tracking (OACSIM) related to GAO, DODIG, USAAA

Responsible for Unimplemented Audit Recommendations tracking for OACSIM

Coordinate Entrance/Exit Conferences for audits

Serve OACSIM Manager’s Internal Control (MIC) Administrator

Coordinate OACSIM CFO Strategic Plan/FIAR Plan and provides oversight and coordination of Financial Statement Quarterly reporting for Real Property and Environmental Liabilities

Provide Central Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Act oversight and reporting within OACSIM and coordinates responses to Senior Leader Steering Group (SLSG) issues

Serve as the RD POC for financial management reviews of Army Regulations and policies

Resource Planning & Agreements Team

Responsible for developing support agreement guidance, procedures, templates and training

Provide Army reimbursement policy and reimbursement tracking and analysis

Develop and reviews HQDA level overarching Memoranda of Agreement or Memoranda of Understanding (MOA/MOU) related to installation services and support

Work toward continuous process improvement for the identification of costs and appropriate bill-payers for stationing actions

Seek improvement to the links between stationing actions and all resourcing processes one which stationing has an impact

Responsible for resourcing and financial management reviews of AR 5-10 Stationing Actions and related plans

Review and recommends integration of financial management policies and procedures within key chapters of AR 420-1

Provides customer out-reach and assistance for helping the installation management community resolve year-of-execution resourcing issues related to support agreements, stationing and related processes