Strategic Plans Division (DAIM-ODP)


Provide planners and subject matter experts that integrate, and synchronize strategic stationing, Joint Basing and Master Planning initiatives to accomplish major goals and objectives in the Army Campaign Plan and Senior Leader decision making forums.


Army Plans and Integration Branch.

Synchronizes efforts in support of the Army Campaign Plan (ACP); provides insight, situational awareness and risk assessments while principally responsible for conducting and coordinating the senior Army leader forum – the Stationing Senior Review Group (SSRG); provides OACSIM liaison to the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR); and reaches out to the Army Secretariat, the Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise (SICE) Board, Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and other Installation management community members to help synergize efforts.

Army Campaign Plan (ACP)
  • • Integration / synchronization of the installation management community requirements and responsibilities as related to the ACP
  • • Strategic communication policy formulation and strategy development as part of installation management
  • • Coordinates Army Transformation (Army Modular Force, Global Defense Posture Realignment, BRAC-05, and Grow the Army)
  • • Facilitates Military Construction future planning of senior leader initiatives
  • • Strategic Planning Efforts (other)
  • • OACSIM Liaison with ARSTAF / ACOM / ASCC / DRU / Joint Staff
Stationing Senior Review Group (SSRG)
  • • A forum which coordinates decisions from senior leadership regarding facility synchronization and implementation of Army transformation, and other emerging stationing requirements within the Army Campaign Plan.
  • • Establishes a synchronized, integrated installation facility master plan for planning of Military Construction(MILCON)
  • • Synchronizes and validates MILCON requirements of costs, funding decisions, and submission or requirements into the POM

Special Tasks: Workshops / Conferences; HQDA / ARSTAF Coordination; Senior Leader Preps; POM / MILCON budget priorities formulation; Congressional inquiries; Force Management Review; Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR); Integrated Concept Development Team (CDT)

Master Planning Branch.

Develops and implements Master Planning policy, programs and instructions for Army installations ensuring the master plans are synchronized with and in support of the Army Campaign Plan. This branch sets the policy for completion and approval of Real Property Master Plans (RPMP) and ensures HQDA systems and procedures support implementation. Master Planning Branch is also responsible for tracking the status of RPMPs across the installations and providing policy and resources for RPMP training. Develops and coordinates the Army Facility Strategy 2020 and Facility Investment Strategy (FIS) that guides how Military Construction (MILCON), Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) and Demolition funds work together to ensure we are optimizing the use of available facilities and using MILCON only when necessary to fill a critical facility shortfall. The Master Planning Branch has input to the following HQDA and OSD initiatives.

Master Planning:
  • • Military Construction (MILCON)
  • • Joint Land Use Studies (JLUS) (ODP MP lead)
  • • Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC)
  • • Master Planning Training (ODP MP lead)
  • • AR 210-20 Army Master Planning (ODP MP Lead)
  • • Army Master Planning (AR 210-20) into AR 420-1 (ODP MP Lead)
  • • Army Sustainability Committee
  • • Army Range Sustainability Integration Council
  • • Army Compatible Use Buffer Program
  • • Installation Design Guide/Standards
  • • DOD Instruction of Facility Quality Standards
  • • Master Planning Technical Manual
  • • Federal Facilities Council
  • • Installation Status Report
  • • Monitor ACP EXORDS/FRAGOS and updates with MP implications
Army Facility Strategy 2020
  • • Facility Investment Strategy (FIS)
  • • Integration / synchronization of Master Planning requirements to support Total Army Analysis (TAA) and the Army Campaign Plan (ACP).
  • • Develop / coordinate/update FIS annually for SSRG approval
  • • Army BRAC05 / Legacy Programs
  • • Global Defense Posture Realignment
  • • MP liaison with ARSTAF / ACOM / ASCC / DRUs
  • • Energy Reduction initiatives
  • • Reduce GSF and Lease Cost
  • • Facilities Design Teams
  • • Improve Space Utilization

Special Tasks: EXSUMS; Information Papers; SITREPS; Workshops; Conferences; HQDA / ARSTAF Coordination; Senior Leader Preps; POM / budget formulation; Congressional inquiries

Stationing Planning Branch.

In conjunction with the Army G3/5/7 provides installation force structure analysis, planning, integration, and requirements determination in support of the Army Campaign Plan (ACP), and all other Army emerging requirements. The branch also manages stationing and re-stationing of Army units, by participating in the Army force design process; providing COA analysis; and reviewing AR 5-10 stationing packages and concept plans. Ensuring facility and funding strategies are validated, environmental and community impacts are identified, and consolidating OACSIM and IMCOM review for Senior Leadership Department of the Army (SLDA) approval.

Stationing Planning:
  • • AR 5-10
  • • E-Date Adjustments
  • • AR 5-10 Stationing Action Policies and Coordination
  • • FORSCOM Stationing Coordination meeting
  • • IMCOM Stationing Coordination meeting
  • • Army G3 FM Strategic Stationing & STRATCOM GOSC
Force Structure Planning:
  • • Requests for Information
  • • Force Design Updates
  • • MTOEs & TDAs
  • • FIFA Analysis
  • • FRAGOs / EXORDs
  • • Command Implementation Plans
  • • Concept Plans
merging Requirements:
  • • Stationing COA Analysis
  • • CACO / JACO Requests
  • • GO Correspondence
  • • FIFA Analysis

Special Projects: Enterprise Management Decision Support; Joint Base Planners’ Forum; Civilian Workforce Development Council;; MILCON/SRM IPT Assistance; Share Point Migration

Installation Planning Branch.

Integrate, coordinate, and plan Joint Basing actions for HQDA in support of OSD’s Joint Management Oversight System (JMOS). Represent HQDA in OSD working groups and forums that develop and refine policy and guidance. Staff and integrate HQDA installation initiatives within the Army installation management community and participate in HQDA working groups and forums that develop and refine policy and guidance.

Joint Basing (JB):
  • • Coordinate and finalize HQDA input for DUSD (I&E) chaired Senior Joint Base Working Group (SJBWG) Principles’ Forums
  • • Represent HQDA in OSD lead Joint Base Working Group (JBWG) meetings
  • • Coordinate and staff Joint Basing actions thru the Senior Installation Management Group (OACSIM) and Intermediate Command Summit (IMCOM Regions)
  • • Coordinate and staff Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) and MOA Change Documents with Service Component counterparts in the JMOS
  • • Support the development and integration of JB policies and guidance with OSD stakeholders and partners; develop HQDA procedures to support OSD policy
  • • Facilitate the refinement of Joint Base- Common Output Level Standards (JB-COLS)
  • • Facilitate the resolution of issues identified in the quarterly Cost & Performance Visibility Framework (CPVF) Data Base
  • • Participate in OSD chaired Performance Management Review (PMR)
Installation Planning:
  • • Integrate and synchronize installation focused Army Campaign Plan initiatives
  • • Support HQDA G4 lead initiatives on Contingency Basing and integrate actions thru OACSIM and IMCOM
  • • Support the OPMG/HQDA G34 lead Army Protection Program and integrate actions thru OACSIM and IMCOM
  • • Support HQDA G3/G4 lead Army Power Projection Program (AP3) and integrate action thru OACSIM and IMCOM
  • • Support HQDA G3/G4 lead Rapid Expeditionary Deployment Initiative and integrate actions thru OACSIM and IMCOM
  • • Participate in HQDA/ASCC Rehearsal of Concept working groups and forums and integrate actions thru OACSIM and IMCOM
  • • Serve as OACSIM Liaison to ARTSAF, ACOM, ASCC, and DRU

Special Tasks: Plan, coordinate and execute the General Officer-Senior Commander Course. Maintain and update OACSIM web-pages for Joint Basing and the Strategic Plans Division (ODP)./p>