Operations Division (DAIM-ODO)


The Operations Division’s mission is to improve the management of installations – more efficient, more effective; establish requirements and standards – facilities and services; and identify and defend resource requirements for the sustainment, restoration and modernization, and base operations support.


Program Analysis and Assets Branch

  • Real Property Team
  • Real Estate Team
  • Programs Team
  • Contract Support Team
  • Generate SRM, facilities recapitalization, and Base Operations Support requirements using OSD modeling tools (FSM, FMM, ISM, and FOM)
  • Establish real property management policy as proponent for the Army
  • Act as conduit for DASA I&H on real estate actions
  • Provide programmatic oversight of HQEIS, HQIIS, IFS, ISR, ASIP, RPLANS, ACTS, and GIS
  • Develop recurring Congressional reports for Sustainment, Contract Security Guards and Relocatables
  • Issue space utilization guidance
  • Issue Army Communities of Excellence policy

Operations Branch

  • Operations Team
  • Installation Status Report Team.
  • Installation Geospatial Information & Services Team
  • Combat Readiness Support Team
  • Maintain repository of established facilities and services standards
  • Guide strategic readiness reporting using Defense Readiness Reporting System-Army and the Strategic Readiness Update
  • Conduct Capabilities Design Documents reviews
  • Manage OACSIM Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Execute Army Operations Center (AOC) support
  • Coordinate Army Regulation reviews
  • Serve as OACSIM focal point for safety, CBRNE, and AT/FP
  • Support ARFORGEN and AC/RC integration
  • Synchronize Force Modernization initiatives with infrastructure and facility requirements across all DOTMLPF domains
  • Integrate Force Modernization impacts with USACE mission support, ASA(ALT), and the materiel development community
  • Assess Army functional and operational requirements as chair of selected facility types under the Army Facilities Standardization Program
  • Consolidate and maintain joint execution of the readiness and modernization support to the Army with USACE regulatory responsibilities