Operations Directorate (DAIM-OD)


The Operations Directorate oversees the development and coordination of program requirements, strategy, and policies pertaining to facilities and military construction that support Army objectives and improves quality of life for Soldiers, Civilians and their families.


Fully supports OACSIM and Department of the Army’s goals for our Army Installations now and in the future.


  • Implement the Army BRAC 05 and Legacy BRAC programs
  • Execute Program Objective Memorandums in accordance with Senior Leader Guidance and priorities
  • Program and Execute the Army Active and Reserves Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Oversee the Army Facilities and Energy Program
  • Develop and provide input to the Joint Strategic, Long Range, and Master Planning for Army Facilities
  • Manage the Army’s Real Property, Oversee Special Interest Items and Defense Readiness Reporting Systems
  • Manage and execute OACSIM Special Initiatives


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