Construction Division (DAIM-ODC)


Provide quality facilities by seeking out new and creative ways to develop, champion, budget and smartly execute the Army Military Construction (MILCON) and Non-appropriated Funded (NAF) programs. Provide MACOMs, Installation Management Agency, and the field with relevant and useful MILCON and NAF policy and guidance, and prepare Army principals for testimony before OSD, OMB and Congress.

Provide policy and guidance on Army's disposal program. Oversee the centrally managed disposal program to ensure facilities that are no longer needed, do not support the mission or have outlived their usefulness are programmed and funded for disposal to include both 1 for 1disposal or disposing of excess property.

Major Functions

  • Manage MCA (Military Construction, Army)
  • Manage UMMCA (Unspecified Minor MCA)
  • Provide NAF Construction Program Oversight
  • Manage Host Nation Funds for Design
  • Provide MILCON and NAF policy through ARs, DA Pam, policy guidance and interpretation
  • Manage disposal program (1 for 1; excess disposal)