Public/Private Initiatives Division (DAIM-ISP)


Maximize Army assets through privatization:

  • Create linkages between OACSIM and Installation Management Command (IMCOM) to promote opportunities to leverage government resources
    • Engage private-sector partners for best practices and lessons-learned
    • Evaluate new opportunities to transform Army assets into productive assets providing value back to the Arm<
    • Safeguard Army assets with a comprehensive portfolio and asset management program


Serve as the Army’s center of excellence for privatization expertise, supporting Soldiers and their Families and ensuring the maximization and sustainability of Army assets and services through the use of privatization initiatives.


    PPID Program Management includes the following:

  • Army Privatized Housing (Residential Communities Initiative-RCI)
  • RCI Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (E-6 and above)
  • Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL)
  • Utilities Privatization (UP)
  • Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL)
  • Commercial Services Management (A-76)
  • Municipal Services Partnerships

Resident Responsibility for Utilities Program. PPID is the proponent for this program which requires residents in privatized housing to be held responsible for utility consumption. Information on this program can be found under the resources link to the right to include current Army Policy guidance and an informational pamphlet.