Army Environmental Division (DAIM-ISE)


Environmental stewardship that sustains the Army mission


Be the Army Staff proponent for Army Environmental Programs and principal advisor to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) on environmental programs.

Develop strategic policies and establish priorities, resources, strategy, and program guidance related to resourcing Army Environmental Programs.

Manage Army Environmental Programs to ensure environmental program activities enable Army missions and supported tenants in support of the institutional and operational Army.


  • Establish Priorities. Develop and issue Army Environmental Program execution priorities that enable subordinate elements to accomplish the installation/activity missions as reflected in the Defense Installation Strategic Plan, Financial Management Regulations, Quadrennial Defense Review, Measures of Merit, Common Output Level Standards, Army Campaign Plan, and the Army's Strategic Management System, etc.
  • Develop, Frame and Implement Policy. In concert with the Secretariat, develop Army Environmental Program policies. Develop policy guidance, update and issue environmental regulations and review other policies and regulations to ensure environmental requirements are incorporated.
  • Develop Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Budget. Develop Army Environmental Program resource requirements, validate and program for resources in the POM. Establish budget resource levels to support the Army's environmental program priorities.
  • Integrate Programs. Coordinate internally and with Army Staff elements, Secretariat, Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units, Reserve Components and operational units and activities to ensure environmental requirements are integrated into their programs and activities.
  • Represent and Defend Service Position. Participate in Federal department-level meetings and OSD workgroups to represent Service-level positions on issues affecting the Army. Coordinate with Components and states to develop and maintain visibility of environmental program issues.
  • Establish Management Controls. Conduct program management reviews according to established procedures and program priorities.
  • Centrally Manage Select Programs. As the ACSIM principal, serve as execution authority to develop and approve work plans to ensure projects are prioritized and aligned with operational needs.
  • Perform Management & Oversight. Conduct periodic program management reviews to assess program performance and to gain situational awareness. Initiate policy changes to ensure effective planning and efficient program execution.
  • Provide Information and Report. Provide briefings and information papers to Army leaders and Congress. Support audits and Freedom of Information Act requests. Develop and provide the Annual Report to Congress, and environmental program status reports to leaders in support of the Defense Installation Strategic Plan, Strategic Management System, and other reporting requirements.